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About Ally

Ally is a real sweet heart.  She absolutely loves to be indoors and is always eager to please.  She has a good nature and thrives on attention.  Ally is know as “my shadow”.  She is extremely attached to me and I feel safe with her at my side.  I had to get in the whelping box with her before she would deliver her pups. She is great mother and her elkhound pups are be beautiful and charming.

Rounded Rectangle: Ally ~ Lady of Alexander
Rounded Rectangle: Ally ~ Lady of Alexander
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Dogs aren’t my whole life but they make my life whole

Summerville, Georgia 30747

Ph: 706-857-7003

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Ally—Lady of Alexander

Nikki—Lady of Alexander

Marty—Lady of Alexander

Stormy—Lady of Alexander

Windy—Lady of Alexander

Ruthie -Lady of Alexander

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