Elkies of Alexander

A House is not a home without a Dog...

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About Stormy Sky

Stormy Sky has grown into quite a beauty.  She is strong minded and smart.  She is a high energy pet and while she loves being inside with family, she also enjoys romping in the woods.  Stormy is playful and bouncy and gets along well with all the others.  She has many champions in her bloodline but to me, there is not enough money to make me ever sell any of them…. Anybody that says money cant buy love, has never had an elkhound.

Rounded Rectangle: Stormy Sky ~ Lady of Alexander
Rounded Rectangle: Stormy Sky’s Photo Gallery
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Dogs aren’t my whole life but they make my life whole

Summerville, Georgia 30747

Ph: 706-857-7003

Ally—Lady of Alexander

Nikki—Lady of Alexander

Marty—Lady of Alexander

Rounded Rectangle: Pups Available: Born 3.30.2014

Stormy—Lady of Alexander

Windy—Lady of Alexander

Ruthie -Lady of Alexander


recognizes Thunders success. 

Spokane’s most famous Elkhound:

Sired by Stormy & Robbie

Owners: Vicky & Larry