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Rounded Rectangle: Mauricio Gonzalez: California 
When choosing a dog breeding site, it was easy for me to want to work with Elkies of Alexander. Immediately from reading their story, I knew they had a genuine love for this breed of dog. I had always known that I wanted a Norwegian elkhound, and after reading some of their own personal stories on how loyal and loveable those types of dogs really are, it confirmed it even more for me. Working with Elkies of Alexander was a very positive process since day one. The communication between us was always thorough and timely, which made me feel very secure. The pricing was exactly as it was stated on the website, and my pup received everything that was promised. Working with friendly family, has made this entire process a very memorable one for me and I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy a Norwegian elkhound. They truly want the pups to have a good home and they even requested pictures and videos of my own pup as she got older. I did not just do business with Elkies of Alexander, I made a new friend and I hope to keep in touch with them through out the years!

Rounded Rectangle: Celeste Relic: Arkansas 2011
I was really interested in getting a Norwegian elkhound.  I did not know much about them because I have not owned one or saw one in person before.  When I found the Elkies of Alexander page online I wanted to contact the owners as soon as possible to get on the waiting list.  I had so many questions and Gayle was extremely helpful and answered all of them no matter how many I had.  Out of all my years of getting puppies from breeders, I have never met someone as dedicated to her dogs as Gayle.  I love the fact the she stays in touch with the owners of the wonderful puppies her dogs have had.  I love my Norwegian elkhound, I ended up getting a girl from Marty and Robbie and I named her Jacey.  I have grown greatly attached to her and she goes everywhere she can with me.  
To my amazement, when I was looking for a new place to stay for the next August, I went to one apartment complex that allowed dogs, but not Jacey’s size and they had the nerve to want to show me the apartment anyway expecting me to find another place for her to stay.  If you don't understand why this was unreasonable then you have never owned a Norwegian Elkhound. If the love and affection this breed has for every new person they meet doesn’t make you become extremely attached to them, the way that they love their owners will.
Rounded Rectangle: Kris Fields: Ohio
I inquired about a puppy a little over a year ago.  My husband and I both spoke with Gayle.  We are very cautious because w wanted to be sure we were getting a pup from a quality breeder.  Gayle answered all of our questions and was very pleasant to deal with.  She informed us that she was about to breed her stud dog, Robbie and  her female, Marty.  We asked her to put us on the list for a male puppy.
All during the pregnancy she kept us informed as to how things were going.  She notified us when the puppies were born and sent us pictures and information about the puppies up until the time she put our puppy on the airplane.
We received a very sweet puppy in very good health.  He is all elkhound in every sense of the word.  We have four elkhounds over the course of the last 25 years, so we know the breed very well.
We still stay in t ouch with Gayle on a regular basis.  As she really cares about the puppies she breeds and loves to get updates and pictures as our puppy grows.  Our puppy, Jake is almost a year old now and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.  I highly recommend getting a puppy from Gayle, as it has been a very pleasant experience.  I not only gained a new member of the family, my Jake, but I also gained a friend in Gayle.
Rounded Rectangle: Dave Bergam: North Carolina
Having the chance to get our Elkhound from Gayle and Mike was the best way in all ways possible.  They kept us up to date with new pictures every day the first weeks.  We called several times with all our questions answered.  All our paperwork on the dog was completed and Vet work was done.  Just seeing how much they loved their Elkhounds make it special for us.  Our dog Bergie is now the family member that fits in with the cats, dogs and kids.  He is smarter than any pet we have.  People stop their cars to ask about him.  Gayle is like a proud god parent to always write and ask for pictures and just check up on Bergie.  We are already thinking about the next elkhound we will be getting from Elkies of Alexander.  
Recently while walking on a trail a mother bear and her cub were close by while the little cub climbed a tree Bergie came to the side of my wife Toni and stayed right there as if to say…. I am here to protect you always. 
Bergie is perfect in every way.  I can’t even call him a dog because he is a member of our family that we cherish.  I know our real estate agent was confused when we said, “ Will Bergie like the yard, will Bergie like the decks”, and on and on we went.  She asked, “ Who is Bergie?”  All three of us answered.


Thanks to all of you for taking the time to tell about your experience!

Rounded Rectangle: Jim Wilkinson: Pennsylvania
In my life I’ve owned many different breeds of dogs, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Old English Sheep Dob, Poodle, and a previous Norwegian Elkhound.  Not to mention all the mixed breeds.  One of the things in common with all these dogs was the ability to visit the litter where were able to mutually choose each other.  Ordering any animal off the internet does not allow you to choose in this manner.  So I hesitated to obtain any dog from the web.  After contacting Mrs Brenwald I would never hesitate to do so again with her.
There was hardly a day that went by where we did not communicate with each other. We discussed what characteristics I was looking for in a puppy.  She went above and beyond the call of duty watching that litter for my special puppy and I sure got a very special Elkie in doing so.  Not only did we discuss the attributes I was looking for but she always included pictures and even a couple of videos of the litter.  These were not your typical group litter photos.  She sent individual photos of each puppy and showed their individual personalities. 
I realize that each of us are quite biased toward our pets, however it isn’t just me that thinks I have one of the best Elkies around.  Everywhere we go, he draws a crowd with comments like, “ what a beautiful dog” and “he’s so well behaved”.  Comments like this are not just coming from owners of other breeds, they are coming from other owners of Elkies as well.
Mrs. Brenwalds after care is just as great.  She truly cares about the breed and all animals she comes in contact with.  Having a personally visited her operation, her dogs are not just “breeders” they are her personal pets that are well loved.