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Rounded Rectangle: John and Margaret Hodgson: Florida
It was early August 2010, and we had just lost our beloved Noel.  She was almost 15 years old.  After grieving for a few weeks, we talked about getting another dog.  A shelter dog – maybe.  What if we could find another Norwegian Elkhound?  If you know anything about Elkhounds, you know that once you had one of your own, no other dog breed quite compares.  But, we live in Florida now; so where would we find one?   We were fortunate to come across the “Elkies of Alexander” website.
We were truly amazed at what we found.  Gayle Brenwald was not that far away in Georgia.  She wrote of her love of Elkhounds, and when we read her story of Trudy, we knew she was someone special.  We were especially excited when we learned she would have puppies ready towards the end of September.  We called her, and we talked Elkies for quite a while.  There was no comparison between Gayle and the previous breeders we had spoken with.  Her rapport is genuine in that she expressed her interest in both her puppies and their new proud parents.  Gayle has a knack for matching her puppies with perspective owners.
Throughout the coming weeks, Gayle sent photos and updates so we could watch the puppies grow and develop.  She answered all of our questions, and when it came time to decide which puppy to select, she listened to what we were saying and asking and was able to help us chose our puppy with confidence.
Finally it was time to drive to Georgia and get our new puppy!  As soon as we arrived at Gayle and Mike’s, there was Trudy welcoming us.  There they all were -- the dogs and puppies of Elkies of Alexander.  After meeting Gayle and Mike and exchanging a few words, Gayle said, “Are you ready to meet Thor?”  She picked him up and handed him to me.  Oh, yes.  He was the right puppy for us.
We were invited inside and shared photos and stories over a cup of coffee, and we quickly established a genuine friendship.  We enjoyed meeting Gayle and Mike and the pups.  Now even eight months later, Thor’s “Grandma Gayle” and we regularly correspond and exchange photos.  She has a sincere interest in following each puppy’s progress.  We still visit her website and are overjoyed when we see Thor and his siblings’ photos.  We are a permanent part of the Elkies of Alexander family!  
John and I would not hesitate to recommend Gayle as a breeder.  She is knowledgeable, friendly, and loves the Norwegian Elkhound breed.  We look forward to seeing you and your puppy on the Elkies of Alexander website and learning how much you enjoy your puppy, too.


Thanks to all of you for taking the time to tell about your experience!

Rounded Rectangle: Mary Goncalves: Rhode Island
 Thanks for sending me the pup I always wanted.  She is perfect.  The entire experience of getting a pup from you was really simple.  Your website is so easy to use and filled with all the information I needed to make my decision to get an Elkies of Alexander pup.  Picking her up at the airport was so simple also, I could hardly believe it.  Pups go to a different building than passengers, so I was in & out with my pup in a matter of minutes.  All I did was pick a day and you did the rest.
If I ever had a question, it was answered immediately.  Now that my pup is home, I have enjoyed staying in touch and sharing pictures.  Gayle sure spent a lot of time taking “baby” pictures for me.  It was such a thrill to be able to watch her right from the start.  OF course, I love the “where are they now” section, cause everybody can see how beautiful they all are.  It’s amazing to see how much the offspring look alike.  I have also enjoyed talking to some of your other elkie owners on Facebook.  It was a great idea to put people in tought with each other if they were interested.  I appreciate all the time and devotion you have given to me and my pup.  It is more than obvious how much you love what you do!
Mary Goncalves: Rhode Island
Last night the pups helped to find 3 missing kids.  My neighbor said his daughter and 2 others went missing from the front of his house.  The children were ages 6, 8 & 10 yrs old.  He came to our house and asked us to look around but the children were no where to be found in the neighborhood.   I went home & got the dogs and walked them down the street and told them to go find the baby.. Sniff, sniff, sniff, right down the street and outside the neighborhood.  Everyone else had been looking in the woods, thinking the children had gone in and gotten lost.  It was dark and I feared that on foot, we and the dogs might be hit by oncoming traffic.  We sent others in a car instead of continuing in the dark.  The children were found in the direction my dogs had led us.
May 3, 2011
Rounded Rectangle: Jennifer Roth: Alabama
Gayle Brenwald was absolutely delightful to work with from the very beginning.  I could tell she took the placement process seriously and I appreciated the amount of time she was willing to spend, sending us numerous photographs and descriptions of the puppies in order to help us make a  good choice.  She was always very personable, professional and helpful in all her communications.  When the day finally came for us to go pick up our pup, we went as a family ( with our young children).  The Brenwalds were both very gracious and welcoming.  They gave us a tour of the grounds, showed us their dogs and invited us into their home to complete paperwork and continue getting acquainted with our new little pup.
And now… Bilbo is an *excellent* dog!  At 10 months of age he is healthy, energetic, affable and very intelligent.  He has learned over 15 commands so far and with just a little help from a 4-week obedience class, is paying attention and very eager to please.  He interacts very nicely with people we meet on our walks around the neighborhood ( overcoming his innate urge to bark) and is just a fantastic all-around dog.  He has a great disposition —- plenty of energy and LOVES people.  He does not have the “aloof” characteristics sometimes described for this breed.  He absolutely loves everyone he meets and is especially wonderful with children.  We live in a neighborhood full of children and they all love Bilbo.  When we get to the corner, where kids are playing, Bilbo will lie patiently on the ground while 7 or 8 kids pet and love all over him.  He never wants to leave!  We couldn't have asked for a better dog for our family.
Jennifer Roth: Alabama
Bilbo heard the tornado before we did, and because of him we knew it was really bad and very nearby.  It passed 2-3 miles south of us.  We are involved in relief efforts.  This is heartbreaking.  Thanks for checking in.

Rounded Rectangle: Denise Eckhardt: Montana
Just about a year ago we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new puppy from Gayle @ Elkies of Alexander.  From the time of our first contact with Gayle until today we have kept in touch.  Her love of the Elkhound breed is obvious and I think it shows in the quality dog we got from her.  Gayle kept us up to date with frequent photos of our growing pup.  She promptly answered all of our sill email questions and was open to adjusting his flight time to make for a shorter time in the crate to get across the country from Ga. To Montana.  He was absolutely the cutest little ball of fluff that was so very happy to see us when we picked him up at the airport.  We bonded quickly and he adjusted to his new life much more easily than we anticipated.  We attribute much of that to how well he was loved and handled before he came to us.  We named him Little Griz or LG.  However, he quickly outgrew the “Little” part if his name.  He is much bigger than our previous elkhound—but his daddy is a big boy!  We are thrilled with how well Griz has adapted to our lifestyle.  He does everything with us.  He has the best personality and is so handsome everyone just oohs and awes over him when we  take him out.  He is a very happy boy and is very affectionate and just a wonderful dog!  Can you tell we are in love?