Elkies of Alexander

A House is not a home without a Dog...

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About Robbie

Robbie is known as “ our gentle giant”.  He is the kindest most loving dog and will lay on his back all day for a belly rub.  He is people oriented and thrives on attention that is eagerly given by anyone who meets him.  He enjoys his daily run in the woods on our 12 acres.  His Norwegian Elkhound puppies are sensitive and loving animals.  Robbie is such a sweetie and he acts like he’s a   5lb lap dog..


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Dogs aren’t my whole life but they make my life whole

Summerville, Georgia 30747

Ph: 706-857-7003

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Ally—Lady of Alexander

Nikki—Lady of Alexander

Marty—Lady of Alexander

Stormy—Lady of Alexander

Windy—Lady of Alexander

Ruthie -Lady of Alexander

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